With your help, we will keep the clinic open

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¡Thanks for joining us all the way here!

MediYa is a medical clinic with a social support mission, that cares for approximately 500 patients per month. It was created in 2006 by a group of volunteers from the Valle Interoceánico Foundation and one of Quito’s Rotary Clubs. The prices are subsidized thanks to the economic support of people of goodwill and through a certain degree of self-sustaining.

However, due to the COVID pandemic, these donations have been suspended since March 2020. Furthermore the medical services were closed down for 7 weeks. These circumstances have made it impossible to generate income and consequently have caused a delay in payment to staff and providers. This situation puts the continuity of services at risk which might have a harsh effect upon the local people with small resources.

We ask you to HELP us with your collaboration to raise funds that allow us to keep the medical clinic open and thus continue to improve the health of the community in our area of ​​reach in Quito-Ecuador.

Odd E. Hanssen

Executive Director

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